Member Spotlight – Yenibel Banegas, NEW South Texas

“[At NEW, I’ve valued] meeting other professionals and learning from their challenges and accomplishments in life.

Name: Yenibel Banegas

Job title & company: Channel Manager at HeinekenUSA

Member Since: 2017

How did you first hear about NEW, and what prompted you to join?

I learned about it through a former co-worker, a NEW member, who sold me on joining NEW after the first minute of our conversation.Her enthusiasm was such that I didn’t hesitate of becoming a member of the South TX chapter. I was inspired by women and men working to promote diversity and equality, to elevate women’s achievements, and support them while conquering their professional goals.

How has NEW impacted your personal/professional life?

I have been part of South TX chapter annual planning, and just recently have taken on the responsibility to promote our chapter and influence members to participate/attend our events utilizing Social Media platforms. This activity makes me more aware of all the special moments we might miss during our busy lives, and take the opportunity via posts to positively impact our members through the day. The fact that I am posting positivism makes me be more positive on my day-to-day.

Tell us about a recent personal accomplishment or event in your life.

During these new work-from-home weeks, our zone started a Positive Vibe activity by asking all team members to write 2 positives things about each other. Last week, I had the pleasure to hear my positives during a video call and I cried happy tears before it was over. It was so great to hear how my colleagues see me and how they appreciate and respect who I am. I now read them every morning or afternoon when I need a little pick-me up!

What is your favorite NEW event you’ve attended?

My favorite event was attending NEW Summit in Chicago in 2018. It was barely a year working at HeinekenUSA and I was selected to represent our company.

What other activities, aside from being an amazing member of NEW, do you enjoy in your free time?

I love painting and working on DIY projects with my daughter. I am an indoor kind of gal, so I enjoy reading a good book and of course, my Netflix profile has many shows that I alternate when just relaxing.

Lightning round questions!

Nickname your parents used to call you? Flaca
You get one superpower, but you must choose between invisibility and flight. Which do you pick? Flight because I will be able to visit my family abroad anytime.
Last Halloween costume? Madonna
Favorite word? Really!
What food could you eat for a week straight for every meal? Wings with French fries.

Finally, any funny stories about your time with NEW?

The very first time HeinekenUSA sponsored a NEW South TX event, it was a Beer Education and Food Pairing Happy Hour. We held it at one of our preferred bars in Houston and, we brought wearables and Heineken logo items which we normally use for prizes.For me these items are just another prop. It was incredibly funny to watch how our members and guests were attentive because they wanted to answer correctly and ‘win’ these items. One of the prizes was an electric guitar, and the winner was beyond happy. I was laughing so hard of the different negotiations she got to trade off the guitar, LOL!


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