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Career Accelerator University is a completely free benefit of your NextUp membership! Completely shift your perspective on leadership in three courses, each containing three skills-building webinars. Based on a refreshed model of ‘competencies and derailers’ created in collaboration with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), each webinar will help you map your learning journey.


Go Big or Go Home: Create Career-Defining Moments
September 8, 2022
The stakes can be high, but a well-chosen, high-profile role or stretch assignment can be career-defining, and it can propel you to new heights. However, the opportunities you say “no” to can be as career-defining as the ones you accept. In this session, learn to recognize opportunities that showcase your strengths and potential—while artfully declining the ones that don’t—so you’re neither over-stretching nor under-stretching. You’ll walk away with new inspiration for finding your next career-defining opportunity, and executing it like a rock star.

Amplify Your Accomplishments
October 13, 2022
Have you ever felt like the best-kept secret in your organization? No matter how urgent, important, or never-ending your workload is, you can’t afford to spend all your working hours with your head down, working hard, or you’ll silence your voice, submerge your influence, and miss out on career opportunities. In this session, discover criteria for evaluating “career-defining” accomplishments that showcase your unique talents. Discuss bias-busting “stealth-promotion” tactics for making your leadership brand, value, and accomplishments visible—in a style that’s authentically your own.

Attract The Advocacy of Influential Sponsors
November 10, 2022
Is there a closed door between you and your next career breakthrough? Kick it down with the backing of influential sponsors. In this session, you’ll get clear on the difference between mentors and sponsors. Understand what sponsorship is, why you’re underestimating its value, and why you can’t ask for it—but you can up your chances to earn it. Learn what sponsors expect from you along with six steps for attracting a sponsor’s advocacy.

NextUp Skills Series

Looking to level up your skills and carve a new path for yourself? The NextUp Skills webinar series is a free career development webinar that has lessons on topics from strategy and negotiation to starting candid conversations about pay.

Check back for 2022 dates!
Check back for 2022 dates!
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