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Our corporate partners are a strong voice in equity conversations and are committed to creating more diverse and equitable workplaces.

As a NextUp partner, you gain access to a suite of professional development programming for your employees and a suite of DEI&B solutions to complement your journey.

Why wait? Join the ranks of organizations committed to transforming our workplaces.

NextUp social event for companies
A community of support for professionals driving change
DEI&B solutions to complement your existing initiatives
Leadership development for women and men in your organization
Regional, national, and online visibility and networking

Driving change from within

NextUp ambassadors are the face of our organization within your company. They play an invaluable role, promoting your partnership with NextUp, sharing with colleagues the value of comprehensive DEI&B initiatives, championing leadership development, and expanding their network both inside and outside of your organization.

“There is nothing more rewarding than helping women achieve their career goals.”

Janelle Rowe | Pepsico, Inc.

“As we head into our fourth year as a NextUp partner, I will continue to work to drive equity in our workplace.”

Kelly Georgetti | Beam Suntory, Inc.

“It was such a great sense of accomplishment that I was able to build awareness and participation for NextUp. ”

Kelly Nguyen | Mars Petcare

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