Member Spotlight – Kristina Showalter

Name: Kristina Showalter, Retail Development Manager/Client Services, Advantage Solutions

Member Since: August 2021

How did you first hear about NEW, and what prompted you to join?

I first heard about NEW through the Advantage Women Network, and what prompted me to join NEW is the opportunity to work with other women with in the industry to elevate our voices and create change through networking and mentoring, while supporting one another to create opportunities for others to grow.

What is your heritage?

I was born and raised in Dominican Republic

Tell us a little about who you are.

Born and Raised in Dominican Republic, raised by a single mom with a second grade education that worked hard to advance herself and raise two daughters, created advancement opportunities by making her way to the US and provided a better education.

My biggest challenge was learning the English language as a young adult to continue my college education in the US.

First to graduate and obtain a degree from both high school and college in my family. One of my proudest moment is being a mom to two amazing kids that have grown to be valued member of the communities they live in.

I’m passionate about helping people be their best self both at work and life, and I’m able to do just that through my work and NEW involvement.

Do you have any stories related to your experience as a Hispanic in the workplace?

As a Latina, the biggest challenge I initially faced in the work force was overcoming communication challenges and making sure that the message I was trying to convey was understood, thus I’m continuing to work on improving my communication skills.

For the most part, even though I have over 4 years of college education, I have an Associate’s degree which gets in my way of advancement in the corporate world, however I am very proud of my career achievements and look forward to continue advancing, being value added and learning.

If you could tell those who want to be better allies to the Hispanic community one thing, what would it be?

Believe in yourself.

What other activities do you enjoy in your free time?

Working out, Zumba. Currently as the NEW Virtual region Partnership Officer I am working on building a network to provide a liaison between local colleges and women groups, and increase NEW virtual region member engagement.

Is there anything else you would like to add, or have us mention?

Don’t ever give up, as a child my mother used to cut the front of my shoes so that I could wear them a little longer, and now I own more pair of shoes that I can actually wear at any given time. Believe in your dreams and go fearlessly in the direction of your dreams.


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