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We’re a powerful community whose members are focused on empowering each other, today and tomorrow. Within our membership ranks and at our regional events, the true energy of our network surges as a united force for gender equity.

Even ‘born’ leaders need professional development and networking opportunities. We provide critical career development for women who come to NextUp as individuals or members of a partner organization. Your goals are unique to you and our solutions cater to your career level. What’s NextUp for you? Join us and find out.

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Leadership development opportunities and education
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“I just love this NextUp community—these fantastic leaders who are willing to share their advice, members who are brave enough to share their thoughts, and clear takeaways that can be put into action on day one.”

Carol Vella NextUp
Carol Vella | Associate Director, Marketing – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Walmart

“It has been so inspiring for me to see how NextUp has affected the careers and lives of so many others. As ambassador for Acosta, I am given the opportunity to help spread the values and benefits of NextUp to so many other people within my organization. That fuels my motivation to keep doing what I am doing.”

Nicole Wright NextUp
Nicole Wright | Program Engagement Consultant, Acosta; NextUp Ambassador, Acosta

“This organization is about friendships, relationships—I've learned topics and met people that have literally changed my life. I am so glad to have that circle of influence—to have someone that can get you through those tough spots. And that has been what this network has done for me personally.”

Subrina Pierce NextUp
Subriana Pierce | Managing Partner, Navigator Sales and Marketing, LLC a; Executive Advisor for the SoCal Region

“What I love about NextUp is just the pure authenticity of the network. It’s not just a traditional, professional LinkedIn connection. It’s actually a real authentic relationship that happens to be professional but also happens to be extremely social in that you are aligned to the same nonprofit mission.”

Katy oConnor NextUp
Katy O’Connor-Neefus | National Account Manager, Sanofi; Ambassador

“NextUp has helped provide the proper environment for my female employees to have a place they can collaborate with other [women] leaders, network, share ideas and best practices, and continue to educate from...I feel creating this type of environment is one of my top responsibilities.”

Thomas Huls NextUp
Thomas Huls | Chief Sales Officer, Chosen Foods

Career Accelerator Roadmap

A guide to your annual learning and development, this comprehensive checklist will help you get the most out of your NextUp experience. You set the course, and we’ll help you pave your way. The roadmap helps you plan your goals, track your progress, and capture the experience along the way.

Frequently asked questions about NextUp membership

Who should join NextUp?

Simply put, if you’re passionate about leveling the playing field for women in the workplace (and leveling up your own skills), NextUp is the place for you.

NextUp welcomes all women and men interested in advancing in business. Membership is not limited by gender, job level, location, or industry. Our members represent the current and future leaders who share a passion for gender equity.

We also have the support of a number of generous companies. Get to know our corporate partners.

What are the benefits of a NextUp membership?

With a NextUp membership, you’ll get direct access to our member directory, connecting you to our growing network of 15,000 members that you can search by region, company, and job title.

What career levels does NextUp serve?

NextUp is open to everyone, regardless of career level. We have programming and leadership development resources for everyone from interns to the c-suite.

What is NextUp corporate partnership?

Corporate partners are companies that contribute an annual fee and receive a designated number of memberships for their employees, determined by their level of support. The commitment and contributions of NextUp’s corporate partners showcases the support for innovative workplace transformation. As a NextUp partner, you gain access to a suite of professional development programming, DEI training programs, and leadership development programs.

Visit our Partners page to learn more about becoming a partner.

My company is a corporate partner - how can I get involved in NextUp?

If your company is a corporate partner, the first step to getting more involved is to contact your NextUp ambassador. Visit the Ambassador page to find your company ambassador, and if you have any additional questions, please reach out to member services.

How much does an individual membership cost?

An individual NextUp membership costs $249 for individual members, $149 for corporate members, and $59 for student members annually. As a member, you’ll receive:

  • Invitations to members-only events
  • Discounts on regional events
  • Access to career-accelerating programs and conferences
  • Instant access to an expansive professional network

Select senior leaders can access our C-Suite Membership Tier, which offers unique benefits like peer-to-peer c-suite networking and speaking opportunities. Contact us for more information.

How do I become a member of NextUp?

You can join today, in just minutes. Simply register here.

I’m not a member. Can I participate in NextUp events?

Yes! Some events are for members only, but many NextUp events are free or low-cost for non-members. Check our events page to see what’s coming up!

How can I get involved in my NextUp region?

Lead, learn, connect, and give back by mentoring others, while creating an unwavering professional support network to last a lifetime!

Our regions are 100% volunteer-led by women and men who are passionate about the mission of NextUp. As a member of NextUp, you are eligible to serve as leaders on committees and the regional boards to develop new skills, lead others and create impact in roles such as content strategy development, social media marketing, financial acumen and influencing for results. Regions provide a perfect training ground for individuals interested in serving on corporate boards later in their careers. This experience can change your career trajectory and build your resume. Raise your hand to be NextUp now!

Learn more about volunteer opportunities with NextUp.

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