NextUp Mission and Values

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Our mission

Advancing all women, growing business, and transforming our workplaces through the power of community.

Our vision

A professional world where equity has been achieved and women have seats at every table. Our community is thriving more than ever, as women make a substantial impact on their companies’ success and reach their career goals in record time.

Our purpose

NextUp exists out of necessity. Even as gains are made with women in leadership, new challenges emerge, and our mission has yet to cross the finish line. When women are learning and leading, they are not leaving. NextUp will make our vision into reality – a world where women have equal opportunities at work, and equal opportunity to build their lives and careers exactly the way they want them.

Our values

NextUp is an established and growing organization dedicated to our mission of advancing all women in business. In pursuit of this goal, our values inspire us to be passionate, humble, and appreciative of all contributions.

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We value
Owner Mindset

We spring into action with solutions, own our mistakes, and provide constructive feedback.

We value

With courage and tenacity, we persist in what we feel passionate about.

We value

We reject the status quo, embrace innovation, fail fast, and continuously pursue growth.

We value

We work intentionally to create a diverse community where everyone’s voice is heard.

We value

We are honest, genuine, and believe in doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

We value

We actively listen to learn, affirm, and serve. We are positive, polite, and grateful.

“I am continually inspired by surrounding myself by the hardworking, motivated, diverse group of women at NextUp that are trying, in many ways, to make the world a better place.”

NextUp member

“NextUp is a place for women and men to grow and learn how to encourage and support women in the workplace. With NextUp, we are stronger as women.”

NextUp member

“NextUp provides me a place to come and hear stories of how women overcome things that I go through and gives me the peace to know I can do it too.”

NextUp member
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