Member Spotlight – René Robers, NEW Cincinnati

“I find the opportunity to connect with other women outside my organization and industry to be most meaningful about being a NEW member. We learn so much from one another and it’s also a joy to share skills and ideas to inspire others, while building relationships on the foundations of this work.”

Name: René Robers, Senior Customer Marketing Manager, HEINEKEN USA

Member Since: 2017

How did you first hear about NEW, and what prompted you to join?

I first heard about NEW from my sales team at General Mills. When I joined HUSA, I was invited to attend the NEW Cincinnati Large Learning Event with Gina Davis and I was impressed with the magnitude and content of the event. I was asked to consider stepping into the Social Media Lead role during the luncheon that day and it accelerated from there!

How has NEW impacted your personal/professional life?

NEW has impacted my professional life by allowing me the opportunity to manage and lead a team. It has been a great chance to coach others and provide guidance and learn to support team members with different work styles and skill sets. NEW’s mission of advancing all women has proven true as this is tangible experience to apply to future roles in my career.

Tell us about a recent personal accomplishment or event in your life.

I am proud of how I have been able to manage a full time job and 13-month old at home in the midst of moving houses during the COVID-19 pandemic. I have worked from home the past 5 years and my company has been incredibly supportive of our new ways of working, but being organized, routinized and managing expectations through clear communication has really helped to feel like I can keep it all together – most of the time! J

What is your favorite NEW event you’ve attended?

The Rising Stars Academy was my favorite NEW event. I was new to NEW and HEINEKEN USA gave me the opportunity to attend – I was amazed at the insights and inspiration from the group of women I was with that week. It’s the first time in my career that the conference content wasn’t about my industry or function but focused on my professional development. The experience allowed me to better understand my opportunities and to realize that women at all levels face unique and similar challenges, and great tools and resources for how best to navigate through your career.

What other activities, aside from being an amazing member of NEW, do you enjoy in your free time? I have spent a great deal of my time in the past 10 years volunteering with the Junior League of Cincinnati. I love old houses and searching for antiques to decorate with old, new and collected pieces. We enjoy hosting and entertaining friends and family – we recently moved into a 1926 brick Georgian Colonial house and cannot wait to complete some renovations and welcome people into our new home to make great memories!

Lightning round questions!

Nickname your parents used to call you? NéNé
You get one superpower, but you must choose between invisibility and flight. Which do you pick? Flight
Last Halloween costume? Tiny Dancer (my husband was Elton John)
Favorite word? Bubble
What food could you eat for a week straight for every meal? Sushi


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