Member Spotlight – Kelsey Stephenson, NEW Twin Cities

“I’ve valued making new connections and learning to become a better advocate in the workplace.”

Name: Kelsey Stephenson, Client Insights Analyst at IRI

Member Since: 2019

How did you first hear about NEW, and what prompted you to join?

I decided to join NEW after feeling the excitement and seeing a high level of engagement at my first event. I learned about NEW from my boss and I’ve since been recommending events and membership to all the strong females in my life!

How has NEW impacted your personal/professional life?

As an introvert, the inclusion and openness I’ve found at NEW events has helped me feel more confident to step outside of my comfort zone and meet fellow career-driven women and expand my professional network.

Tell us about a recent personal accomplishment or event in your life.

I recently learned how to make sourdough starter from scratch and have enjoyed gifting loaves of bread and biscuits to various friends, family, and neighbors to stay connected during social distancing and it’s been a fun creative outlet.

What is your favorite NEW event you’ve attended?

My favorite event was at a local brewery where we listened to the female owners speak about the challenges they overcame to build their business (ie. securing financing as a women-owned business, perceived experience hurdles, etc). I also left with new advocacy knowledge gained from a game of educational trivia with great table discussion peppered in between rounds.

What other activities, aside from being an amazing member of NEW, do you enjoy in your free time?

I’m trying to enjoy the forced slower pace of 2020 and I’ve been re-exploring my neighborhood with walks around Lake of the Isles, curbside brewery pick-ups, backyard hammock sessions, and bike rides.

Lightning round questions!

Nickname your parents used to call you? Lefty

You get one superpower, but you must choose between invisibility and flight. Which do you pick? Flight

Last Halloween costume? Power Ranger

Favorite word? Sassafras (tree)

What food could you eat for a week straight for every meal? Pizza


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