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NextUp Forum 2022: Action items and takeaways

Thank you to everyone who joined us at NextUp’s Executive Forum 2022! From diversity at work to risk-taking – from falconry to the beautiful view from Terranea – a spectacular time was had by all. We heard from so many of you that you’re taking back actionable content that will make a difference in the way you lead your teams.

We know it’s impossible to remember everything, however, so we went back to our speakers and asked them for a few key takeaways and action items for you to carry back to work with you. Read on for your refresher course!


Transforming Leaders: Navigating Change and Uncertainty  

Priscilla Tuan
Chief Marketing Officer, Executive Leadership Team Member, Sovos Brands

  • So much dynamic change is happening around us, and we’ve had to change as we go. It’s constant. We’ve had to learn how to maintain transparency and tap into our humanity. That’s how we build forward.


Janice Dupré
Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Lowe’s

  • People have been trying to do things they’ve never had to do before. And it’s my job to inspire people to be their best.


Michael Del Pozzo
President and General Manager, Gatorade Performance Portfolio, PepsiCo Beverages North America

  • Be visible and intentionally model how the modern leader leads. For example, visibly leave the office when you need to be with family to normalize it for your staff.
  • Check in regularly with your staff. Take a walk – talk to people and make sure you’re really listening. 


Building a Seat at the Table that Fits

Ida Liu

Ida Liu
Global Head, Citi Private Bank

  • Keep the DQ in mind: The Decency Quotient. It’s how we show up for each other with kindness and respect, and how we collaborate together. By being kind we are able to collaborate better, and this builds our resilience and our grit.
  • Lead by example. No one achieves success on their own. We achieve success as a team. 
  • What gets measured gets done, and gender parity is no different.
  • You need to be your own cheerleader and advocate for yourself.


NextUp = Bold Solutions for a Broken System

Anna Gifty Opoku-Agyeman

Anna Gifty Opoku-Agyeman
Editor, The Black Agenda

  • Don’t just meet people where they are, but use that power for good, and ensure that all people have the opportunity to participate in those spaces where you are.
  • Ensure access, and share your power with other individuals.


Driving Retention Through Meaningful Work

Tamara Myles
Author, Speaker, Researcher
Positive Psychology Instructor, University of Pennsylvania

  • Work is not ornamental to our well-being, it’s fundamental. 
  • We all need people to believe in us. 
  • Keep the 90/10 rule in mind: high potential employees are 10% of your team, and 90% are an opportunity for development.


How to Decide

Annie Duke
Author, Speaker, Decision Strategist

  • Embrace uncertainty!
  • Knowing about cognitive bias does not fix it. There are two ways to fight it:
    • Make sure to get independent viewpoints and diverse thinking. It helps discipline your own cognitive bias.
    • Plan in advance before you are actually facing the choice.
  • Grit is the word of the day, but there are clearly times when it’s appropriate to walk away.
  • How do you know when someone is bluffing? Everything in life is about storytelling. Does the story add up? Does it make sense? If it doesn’t, the person is bluffing.

Falconer holding falcon for crowd

Unlocking the Power of Diverse Talent

Valerie R. Love
Senior Vice President, Human Resources, The Coca-Cola Company

  • Allyship starts with a conversation. Without storytelling you can’t understand each other.
  • Allyship happens when people tell their stories and we create grace and space for each other.
  • Make sure you’re on someone else’s “Personal Board of Directors.”
  • Know your worth – then put a tax on it.


Navigating the Mental Health Crisis

Tamarah Duperval-Brownlee, MD, MPH, MBA, FAAFP
Chief Health Officer, Accenture

  • When working with people, think about peeling back the onion to understand what else they’re carrying.
  • We need to have empathy for one another and think about how that shows up.
  • My assertion is the health of business is dependent on the health of the people!


New Rules for a New World

Mike Walsh
CEO, Tomorrow

  • Culture is your organization’s true operating system.
  • Forget a remote workforce: how do you design a distributed decision making environment? Highly centralized organizations will not survive crisis. Autonomy is essential. 
  • We’re going to have to think bigger to grow in the next 3-5 years. We’ll have to be bolder. The things we thought were innovative 5 years are now just the price of staying in business.
  • Bring a new dimension to your strategy by integrating the insights and perspective of your next generation of talent.
  • There is no remote work, just work.
  • Be curious, not judgmental.  


Terranea coastline and ocean

Thank you again for joining us at Forum this year. And remember, NextUp helps you to continue learning about these topics through our partnerships, C-Suite membership, learning and development programs and regional events. We are here to help you create more equitable workplaces that advance all women!


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