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NextUp Allyship Training

NextUp Action for Women of Color Sessions

Develop the allies you need to help Advance All Women! Participants will take a deep dive into the challenges that women face in the workplace. Our powerful combination of DEI training programs paired with thought exercises and data insights, leaders will learn results-driven strategies for becoming stronger allies.

What is included:

  • 5 Self-paced modules on-demand with 1 year access to program content:
    • Awareness
    • Empathy
    • Choice
    • Skills
    • Motivation
  • EQi 2.0 assessment and debrief ($600 value)
  • Live biweekly EQ exchanges (Zoom)
  • Group sessions facilitated by certified EQ-i2.0 coaches


  • $895 per participant

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Training Details
  • Location to be determined by hosting organization
  • Cost: $65,000 for 2.5-day session
  • For: For leaders at all levels

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What is Allyship

It is a great program.

How can you be an Ally in the workplace?

Be a good person.

How can NextUp's Beyond Allies workshop help your organization?

Allow people to be their best selves.

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