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In the wake of the horrific shooting in Atlanta this Tuesday, 3/16, in which six women of Asian descent were killed, NEW condemns the rising tide of violence against the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community. Though the shooter in this case has not yet stated a racial motive, these killings take place in the context of numerous hate crimes against the AAPI community that have occurred since the beginning of the pandemic last year.

As we have stated in the past, NEW’s mission to Advance All Women makes us particularly sensitive to any mistreatment of human beings, and to discrimination or violence of any kind. This recent article from Time lays out a number of ways in which you can personally help fight hate, including reporting hate incidents, donating, and volunteering to support the AAPI community during this difficult and dangerous time. We stand with the AAPI community, and we strongly encourage our members to loudly and publicly state the same.


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