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DEIB Workshop Series

Create stronger teams with in-person or virtual Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging training.


Increase understanding of the systemic barriers to people of color in the workplace and in society.

Develop employee Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EIQ) and empathy for co-workers of color.

Give leaders the tools to recognize unconscious bias before it affects their teams.

Create a safe and inclusive space for employees to ask questions and learn.



Managing Unconscious Bias
This interactive and engaging workshop teaches core principles about the nature of unconscious bias. It explains that we all have bias, and seeks to help participants recognize their own biases so they may better manage them in their work and personal life.

Courageous Conversations about Race in America
This interactive and engaging workshop briefly examines elements of U.S. history to place current events into context. It also facilitates discussion about participant worldviews and builds cross-cultural capability within common U.S. demographics. This workshop is adaptable for global facing audiences.

Understanding Privilege
This interactive and engaging program offers participants an in-depth understanding of privilege. It helps participants identify it in their own lives, understand that everyone has some form of privilege, and guides them to use it to courageously make organizational and societal change. This workshop is adaptable for global audiences.

Asked and Answered: Open Discussions About Race in America
This workshop is a judgment-free zone! It opens the floor with a ‘no stupid questions’ mentality, allowing participants to ask any question about diversity in America that may be weighing on their minds. Questions are pre-submitted anonymously, allowing everyone to learn without feeling on the spot.

Unconscious Bias in Interviewing and Selection
This interactive and engaging workshop provides participants with the tools they need to have effective discussions about diverse candidates. They will learn the nature of bias and how to test and manage unconscious bias, which will aid them in building a diverse candidate slate.

Understanding Intersectionality
In this workshop, participants will learn the origins of the term “intersectionality” and what it really means. Participants will also examine their own intersectionality and how they can utilize their privilege to help others in the workplace.


Understanding IWD & Women’s History Month
This informative webinar builds clear understanding of the origins and modern celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. This session is well suited for organizations who want to create a broader awareness of the societal contributions of women.

Understanding Juneteenth
The provocative learning experience examines American history leading up to the celebration of the Juneteenth holiday. In addition, participants will learn how Juneteenth is currently celebrated, and how Juneteenth became a federally established holiday in the United States.

Black History Month
Participants will learn the origins of Black History Month, the journey of Africans in America, the uniqueness of African American Culture, and hot topics within the African American community. Participants will leave with action items as community members and allies.


Navigating Polarizing Conversations in the Workplace
This interactive and wide-ranging workshop teaches ways to have conversations about the difficult and divisive topics becoming ever more present in our workplaces. 

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