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Transform: Removing Barriers for Women of Color

Transform: Removing Barriers for Women of Color is an innovative learning experience for high-performing women of color and their allies designed to support, develop, and advance women of color at work by providing socio-cultural insight, targeted leadership training and tools, and an environment that fosters trust and mutual commitment. Attendees should be director-level and above women of color, white women, men and emerging leaders at other levels.

The workshop is an immersive experience which will increase cross-cultural awareness and understanding at your organization, covering the historical, societal, emotional, economic, and professional. It creates a ‘coalition of the willing’ of industry professionals committed to gender and racial equality for all. It builds confidence in oneself an inclusive leader, teaching participants what to look out for and how to create safe environments where all talent can thrive. Most importantly, it creates tangible outcomes in guided, collaborative problem-solving which can truly transform the experiences of women of color at your organization.

Participants should: aspire to contribute on a higher level; have the respect of key leaders so they will be an effective change agent; be line leaders or HR professionals, or allies who volunteer or are recommended by women of color participants. Guest speakers must be comfortable with transparency and vulnerability.


Increase contextual understanding of the experience of women of color through data, research, and classroom engagement.

Develop both core and cultural leadership competence.

Identify company-specific barriers to recruiting and retaining women of color.

Learn practical tools to help embed relevant strategies.

Forge trusting relationships that open doors to opportunity for women of color and improve collaboration.

Who Should Attend?

Director-level and above
or emerging leaders at other levels

2022 ProgramDates

Program is available year-round

Lead Time:
8 weeks (2.5-Day Session)
4 weeks (1-Day Session)



2.5-Day Session

1-Day Session

2-5 1-Day Sessions

5+ 1-Day Sessions

Sample Agenda

Day 1 (Full Day)
Insights & Understanding

Day 2 (Full Day)
Skills & Solutions: Leadership in Action

Day 3 (Half Day)
Plans & Progress: Success Factors & Commitment

*Class size is 24 participants plus 4 HR/D&I Leaders for the 2.5 Day Session. 

*A survey is used pre- and post-workshop to measure impact and effectiveness.

*Class size is limited to 50 participants for the 1-day workshops.

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“[The Women of Color Workshop] was an amazing experience for our leaders as well as our multicultural women. This program allowed us to elevate our collective consciousness about the additional headwinds faced by women of color and collaborate with them to drive actions, which led to systemic change. I’m thankful for this accelerator experience and the positive impact it continues to have on our journey to support, develop, and advance more multicultural women.”

Monica Turner, President-North America | Procter & Gamble
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