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CAU: Leading Through Challenging Times

CAU: Leading Through Challenging Times

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How often have you wished leadership communication came with a step-by-step handbook of what to say and do in difficult circumstances? You don’t know what’s coming next in today’s complex workplace where every week a different stressors rears its head, magnified by each team member’s reaction and response. Knowing what to say and how to say it is a key tenet of effective leadership. For every leader who understands it, there is another who doesn’t get it, wreaking harm on your workforce. Apply a framework to compassionately individualize how you talk and listen to stressed team members. Use empathy to address Return To Office complexities layered with ongoing societal, economic, and political challenges impacting the workplace. Identify how to make each individual feel seen and heard, increase their sense of belonging, and uncover how to lead with empathy, even when the world seems chaotic. Inspire them to do their best work and ignite their success!

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