Advancing all women podcast

Episode 4

LGBTQIA+ Allyship: Support matters

On this episode, we discuss the differences between gender identity, gender expression, and gender orientation; making the case for the importance of allyship to leaders; and how the intersectionality of the community affects lived experiences.

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Ash Ganapathiraju

Ash Ganapathiraju

Brand Manager, Nestlé Coffee Partners, Emerging Brands

Ash is a consumer-obsessed business leader, strategic thinker, and relationship-builder, with a track record of delivering results. She is passionate about leaving the world around her better than she found it. Ash loves building things – products, processes, solutions, and relationships that solve difficult problems. Over the last 10+ years, she’s had the chance to do this in large organizations working in Consulting, PR, and briefly, in Academia. In her current role as a Brand Manager at Nestlé Coffee Partners on the Emerging Brands team, she worked on launching a brand-new line of Organic Coffee in 2021. Ash is an active advocate for Workplace Diversity & Inclusion. She currently co-leads the Nestle Pride Alliance and has successfully built diversity and inclusion into the heart of business solutions.

Nicola Johnson

Nicola Johnson

Principal, Global Lead Client Service Partner (GLCSP), Deloitte

Nicola serves as global lead client service partner (GLCSP) for some of Deloitte’s largest global retail and consumer packaged goods clients where she is responsible for the firm’s relationship with various client stakeholders, recruiting and developing talent to serve clients’ complex business needs and ensuring client service excellence worldwide. Nicola has over 25 years of international consulting/ retail experience, she brings industry-leading insights and innovative solutions that help give clients the confidence to tackle their toughest issues. Nicola has led complex global business transformations which generated strong market, operational, and project results for large, retail and consumer business clients across the globe.

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